Youths arrested for throwing oil and urine at passers-by

Motorcycle riders hit by a bag of what looks like motor oil Thursday early morning in Chonburi. Photo: Saha Group-Laem Chabang / Facebook

Ten youths were arrested by Chon Buri police on Wednesday night for allegedly throwing dirty water filled in plastic bags at cars travelling on a bridge running parallel to the beach in Muang district.

Dozens of police from Muang district were mobilized to crack down on the rowdy youths after several complaints were lodged with the police station by motorists travelling on the bridge that their cars were pelted with dirty water and even used engine oil filled in plastic bags.

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Ten youths were rounded up by the police and taken to the Muang district police station where they were charged with harassments and causing disturbance to the other people.

Pol Lt-Gen Chitti Rodbangyang, commissioner of Second Region Provincial Police Bureau, said police would not fine the ten youths, but would file charges against them in court to let the judges to mete out appropriate punishment against them.


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