Songkran bloodbath as eight are shot

Picture: Daily News

Soldiers moved into two Songkran water playing areas after two rounds of shooting left eight young people in hospital on Thursday.

The incidents happened first at the King Naresuan monument on the Ayuthaya to Ang Thong Road then at the car park of the Ayuthaya City Park shopping complex.

Police believe the incidents are connected.

A hunt is on for a group of men in a pick-up who started shooting after a group of people arrived at the monument on motorbikes from Bang Sai.

There was a fight and a melee developed and four people were shot. They were Phinit Tai-upok, 30, Withawat Ketkaew, 28, Yuthana Cheuasawat, 20 and Suthee Moha, 20.

According to reports the shooter or shooters were upset after the bikers revved their engines on arrival at the monument.

All were taken to hospital.

Picture: Daily News


Later at the shopping center car park police arrived to find a pool of blood at the scene. Four victims of a shooting had already been taken to Ratchathani Hospital.

Soldiers moved into both locations and shut down all celebrations there for the remainder of the holidays.

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