Australia: Rapper eats $465 seafood meal, runs away into sea

Terry Peck ran out after devouring a AUD$612 seafood platter. Source: Pixabay

AN Australian man has been charged with theft and two counts of serious assault of a police officer after he ordered a AUD621 (US$465) seafood platter and ran out on the bill.

The 33-year-old Terry Peck faced court on the Gold Coast this week, where he claimed his decision to skip out on paying was because that lobster mornay was “overcooked” and that there was “oyster shell in the oyster”, the ABC reported.

That didn’t stop him from eating the whole platter and guzzling some beers. After downing two lobsters, 17 lobster shots and a baby octopus at the Omero Bros Restaurant, Peck ran down into the sea to avoid paying.

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Police officers mounted lifeguards jet skis and pursued Peck into the ocean where he was arrested.

The Queensland magistrate presiding over the case said “Oh God! By himself?” when informed of the sheer amount of food that Peck had consumed.

Peck is an aspiring rapper and has adopted the stage name 2Pec. He was released from prison in February and his lawyer claims he has a problem with alcohol.

One Facebook “friend” of Peck wrote him a poem that read:

Terry the Dill

Wouldn’t pay his bill,

Ran to the beach

Because he’s a stupid leach,

Got stopped by cops at the water

And told people his girl was having a daughter,

But there was no girl around

And now he’s the biggest f**kwit all over town.

-Asian Correspondent

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