Thai Red Cross appealing for blood ahead of Songkran carnage

The Thais want blood...

The Thai Red Cross Society invited Thais nationwide to donate blood to ensure a sufficient supply to save lives during the Songkran Festival, which is prone to road accidents. 

According to Secretary-General of the Thai Red Cross Society Phan Wannamethee, people have been encouraged to donate their blood at the National Blood Center and 12 provincial Red Cross offices.

Launched on Monday, the blood drive campaign is meant to honor the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and to increase blood supplies. Blood is much needed during long holidays like Songkran when the number of road accidents and fatalities are normally high.

The National Blood Centre needs to have at least 3,000 units of blood prepared, judging from the number of accidents recorded during last year’s Songkran festivities which was 3,400. Ubonwan Jaroonruengrit, the Director of the National Blood Centre, also asked people to donate blood every three months to prevent blood shortages in the future.


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