Death sentence for Bangkok murderer

Sirichai Burinkot, behind bars after being charged with the double murder and attempted murders last year. The Nakhon Si Thammarat provincial court on Tuesday found Sirichai, now 30, guilty and handed down the death sentence. (File photo by Nujaree Raekrun)

NAKHON SI THAMMARAT – A 30-year-old was sentenced to death on Tuesday for ambushing and shooting dead a man and his young son, and seriously wounding the wife and daughter, in May last year.

The Nakhon Si Thammarat provincial court also ordered Sirichai Burinkot, 30, to pay 5.9 million baht in compensation to his victims’ family.

Suthep Rodsuk, 29, his wife Wassana Sopin, 26, their son Narongrit, 2, and daughter Wiphatcha, 7, were shot on a road alongside railway tracks in tambon Mamuang Songton in Muang district of this southern province on the night of May 1 last year.

Suthep and his infant son were killed. His wife and their daughter sustained serious gunshot wounds and hid in a nearby wooded area overnight. They were found by local residents the next morning.

The couple and their children were attacked while riding a motorcycle home. A number of men in a pickup truck suddenly opened fire at them.

A police investigation found the couple had a quarrel with Sirichai, a nephew of the owner of the Lan Nom restaurant, in Muang municipality, where they worked.

Police obtained a warrant for Sirichai’s arrest on charges of murder and attempted murder.  The suspect turned himself in and denied all charges. He was arrainged in court.

Sirichai, who was denied bail during the proceedings, was on Tuesday taken to the provincial court to hear its judgement. Relatives of the victims were also present.

After the court handed down the death sentence, Sirichai looked pale. He was taken to prison. The relatives of the victims said they were satisfied with the ruling.

The case gained headlines, with people shocked the two children were also shot and one of them killed.

Suthep’s mother-in-law Wanna Sopin, 58, young Narongrit’s grandmother, said she believed more people were involved in the murders. Her daughter Wassana and granddaughter Wiphatcha, who were both  grievousy injured in the attack, were not in good health, Mrs Wanna said.

She would seek justice from the Crime Suppression Division, and ask they arrest the other people involved.

-The Bangkok Post

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