British tourist killed in Thai tour bus smash

It is thought a burst tyre caused the van to plough into the path of a songtaew. A 44-year-old British woman and a Thai driver were killed in the collision

British woman, 44, is killed in Thailand after her tourist bus hits a taxi head on just hours after her plane lands

A British woman has been killed in a horror crash in Thailand, after a burst tyre made a van collide with a passenger vehicle.

The 44-year-old was travelling in the van in the Krabiís Koh Klang subdistrict when it collided with a songtaew – an adapted truck used as a taxi or bus.

The van driver, 40-year-old Srawut Supap, also died in the collision, which happened at midday on Wednesday local time.

The woman was being taken from Krabi International Airport to Hua Hin Pier, from where she planned to continue to the island district of Koh Lanta in the south west of the country.

It is thought Mr Supap lost control of the van when a front tyre burst, colliding with the songtaew which was travelling in the opposite direction.

Both vehicles were thrown off the road, and four people, the songtaew driver and three passengers were seriously injured.

The British woman and Mr Srawut died before rescuers arrived at the scene.


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