Teens arrested for allegedly pretending to be police officers

SINGAPORE: Two teenagers – aged 17 and 18 – who are suspected of impersonating police have been arrested.

In a Facebook post on Monday (Apr 10), police said they received a report of a group of young men claiming to be police officers and using aggressive tactics to seek donations in public on Apr 6.

The teenagers, both male, were arrested on Sunday.

This comes after a video of two male teens allegedly accosting secondary school students and asking them for donations surfaced on social media last week.

Channel NewsAsia understands that the teens first claimed to be with an advertising company collecting donations for charity. However when the students they approached refused to give them money, they then claimed to be policemen and threatened the students.

According to people who commented on the Singapore Police Force’s Facebook page, the suspects claimed the charity would benefit ex-offenders and would ask for a minimum donation of S$10. If the students refused, their bags or wallets would be searched.

The suspects were allegedly spotted collecting these “donations” at various MRT stations or bus interchanges around Singapore, netizens added.

Police said they are looking into the advertising company over a possible breach of regulations under the House to House and Street Collections Act.

Investigations are ongoing.

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