Thai woman attacked 105-year-old grandmother with chamber pot

Loy begged forgiveness by doing a respectful "graap".
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PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN: — It was all smiles yesterday when a granddaughter returned home to apologize to her centenarian grandmother for hitting her over the head with a chamber pot.

Thawin, 105, had raised “Loy”, an orphan, from childhood. Loy had then taken care of her adoptive grandmother but in February an argument broke out, reported Daily News.

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Loy, now 60 herself, claimed that Thawin was messing up the house and had grabbed a pot and hit her over the head. She then fled the house in Ao Noi district of Prajuab Khiri Khan and went to stay with relatives in Bangkok.

But the centenarian wanted to forgive her and yesterday after officials went in search of Loy the two were reunited.

Loy begged forgiveness by doing a respectful “graap”.

Thawin told police that she did not want to press charges and police dropped the matter though they gave Loy a warning that any further trouble and she would be arrested.

Lanthom Nguikai, the Phoo Yai Ban (village headman) said that Thawin was a well respected woman who still had most of her faculties.

She had donated money more than 70 years ago for the setting up of a health facility and villagers had responded later by clubbing together to raise money to look after her by building a small house for her.

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