Thai woman arrested trying to sell yabba & hand grenade to Phuket Police

Urai ‘Nan’ Haha, 42, attempted to sell 316.52 grams of ya ice and an M67 hand grenade to police officers. Photo: Patong Police
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PHUKET: A 42-year-old Thai woman was arrested in Patong yesterday (Apr 7) as she attempted to sell crystal meth (ya ice) and a M67 hand grenade to plain-clothed police officers.

Lt Col Woraphong Phromin of the Patong Police together with a team of officers arrested Urai ‘Nan’ Haha, 42, and seized from her 316.52 grams of ya ice and an M67 hand grenade.

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Police also seized from Urai a Toyota Yaris valued at B600,000.

Urai was taken to Patong Police Station where she was charged with possession of Category 1 Drug with intent to sell and illegal possession of a military grade weapon.

-Phuket News

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