Road Rage Video – Thai woman defends herself against bully

Picture: Manager
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CCTV footage from the Thai town of Uttaradit showed a road rage incident between an “old man” in a Honda Civic and a lady on a motorcycle.

The Civic comes out of a soi and a motorcycle has to stop to allow it to pass. But the car cannot proceed.

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Manager said the reason for this was that the motorcyclist had stopped too close to the car, reported Manager.

Suddenly without apparent warning the man gets out of the car and smacks the lady in the head knocking her bike over.

But she fights back and gets in some kicks of her own on the man and his car before the Civic speeds off and the woman is helped by a fellow motorist.

Manager reported that the man in the car was old and the motorcyclist was indeed a woman.

Dityadech Patcharaphuwadon of Uttaradit police said that both parties were called in and the matter was now settled.

The incident occurred in front of the Klong Pho market last Thursday while the CCTV footage was shared to the “Jao Phor Clip Det” page by Facebook poster “Chitsanupong Chainet”.

Report shared by Manager & Thai Visa

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