Ring robbery, gay dancer nailed in Pattaya

Ring robbery - gay dancer held in Pattaya
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Pattaya police had a result yesterday when they tricked a man into custody who worked as a gay dancer at the resort.

Chaicharn (Ta) Poo-sin, 25, had been identified as the thief after a theft from the Bua Khao gold shop in central Pattaya earlier last month, reported 77Jowo.

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CCTV showed him pretending to be interested in a 10,000 baht (half baht weight) gold ring. While staff were distracted he coolly walked out.

A warrant was issued for his arrest and police managed to track him down to his hometown in Nakorn Sawan but he managed to get away.

So police changed tack.

Knowing that Chaicharn realized they were on his tail they pretended to be employees of the gold shop and called him to say that the shop would accept compensation and would not press charges.

Chaicharn, worried about arrest, fell for the ruse and went back to the shop where after he handed over the money officers posing as staff in the shop arrested him.

Chaicharn said that he was a dancer in a gay bar on Beach Road. He said he needed the money to pay a debt to a drug dealer and have a good time at Songkran.

Police found out that he not only has two arrests for drugs but he was also wanted on a rape and molestation charge in Nakorn Sawan.

He was detained.

Report shared by 77Jowo & ThaiVisa

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