Vietnamese woman sets self on fire after conflict with in-laws

H.T.X.T. was being treated at the hospital in Cai Lay Town, Tien Giang Province, located in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, on April 2, 2017. - Tuoi Tre
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A woman in southern Vietnam has been admitted to hospital with severe burns after pouring gasoline over her own body and burning herself after an argument.

H.T.X.T., 39, was brought to the general hospital in Cai Lay Town, Tien Giang Province, on Sunday morning to be treated for serious burns to her body.

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T. has been transferred to Cho Ray Hospital, considered the best infirmary in Ho Chi Minh City, for further attention.

According to Senior Lieutenant Colonel Truong Van Su, deputy chief of police in Cai Lay, preliminary reports revealed that the victim had inflicted the wounds on herself.

T. is married to N.H.Q., 38, the police official said, explaining that the couple had a son but were separated.

The woman has been living with her child in her hometown, in the southern province of Tay Ninh.

On the day of the incident, T. and her son arrived at Q.’s house in Cai Lay Town to attend the death anniversary of a relative.

The woman later had an argument with her husband’s family, before pouring a bottle of gasoline onto her body and setting herself on fire.

Family members quickly put the flames out and brought T. to the hospital for emergency treatment.

-Tuoi Tre News

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