Video – How to run an Army draft, Thai style

How to select a fighting force in Thailand
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It was time again for the yearly Royal Thai Army draft.

The ladyboys and unsuitables had already been ruled out and sent home. Now the pick would be made from the available fit and relatively sane young men.

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Most of this year’s intake, from the Chonburi area, had already been selected and now there are just two left.

Acted out like some bizarre reality TV game show army chiefs had whittled their way down the the final two. An ordinary member of Thai society and a man in orange robes.

Who will be shown the black card and who will draw red?

The suspense was predictable, the Thais were shrieking in delight. Finally the chief drew a card for the monk and it was black, meaning he had avoided the draft.

Cue the hysteric celebrations. (Video below)

Better hope Vietnam don’t invade any time soon.

BangkokJack News Team

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