London’s Islamic mayor warns, let Muslims into America or face attack

Pipsqueak Khan - way out of his depth

London’s new Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has found himself caught up in one controversy after another, many involving American President Donald Trump. Khan, himself a Muslim, had responded to Trump’s travel restrictions by branding them “ignorant,” despite this issue not falling within the brief of London Mayor

And, this was after the President had personally congratulated the mayor on his own election victory.

‘Donald Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both of our countries less safe – it risks alienating mainstream Muslims around the world and plays into the hands of extremists,’ Khan blabbered. ‘Donald Trump and those around him think that Western liberal values are incompatible with mainstream Islam – London has proved him wrong.’

London, however, has proved Khan wrong. he knows nothing about London. Recent polls of British Muslims have found worrying indicators that their assimilation is far from compatible.

One poll, for instance, found that two-thirds of British Muslims would not tell the government if a friend or family member became involved with extremists. Half of them said homosexuality should be illegal and over 20% supported establishing sharia in the U.K.

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Khan has been a terrible good choice for London Mayor and some of his divisive statements have left many Londoners questioning whether Khan is looking out for the interests of ALL residents.

Some of the Mayor’s more concerning comments include suggestions that if Donald Trump doesn’t moderate his stance on Muslims, they will launch more terror attacks. This is worth thinking about for a second.

Is Khan suggesting that Muslims are so fragile that a travel ban will force them into justified terrorism? Or is he saying that people who would otherwise commit terrorist acts would be pacified into becoming model citizens if only The Donald showed them some love?

Khan has also stated that terrorist bombing are just part of living in a big city. Really? Because they never used to be. There has been a shift in not only political attitudes, but also in the willingness to take on an Islamic threat.

Notably, after the recent Westminster attack Khan was conspicuous by his absence, remaining silent on the issue for a full eight hours after the incident. Even then, during a 1.24sec address, he failed to condemn Islamic terrorism and instead warned against ‘dividing communities.’

Khan is an idiot who should be removed from office for his divisive remarks and veiled threats. American foreign policy has nothing to do with the London mayor whose job it is to unite the city and not to be attracting the negative attention of the President of the United States.

Albert Jack

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