Conscript ‘beaten to death’ at southern military base

An Army conscript has been beaten to death at Vibhavadi Rangsit Military Base in Surat Thani after violating military rules, it was reported in the social media on Saturday.

Private Yuthinan Boonniam was hospitalised with a swollen face and bruises before his death early on Saturday.

Facebook user “Bom Lung Lang” shared his pictures, with a caption saying that the young man was imprisoned in military jail for violating military rules and that he was severely beaten.

It was further reported that Yuthinan seriously suffered from injuries of his internal organs. The medical team performed cardiac resuscitation four times but failed to save his life. He passed away at 5 am on Saturday.

Yuthinan was not the first serving conscript to be beaten to death. In April last year, Private Songtham Mudmad was beaten to death at a military base in Yala’s Bannang Sata district. In 2011, Private Wichian Phuaksom was tortured to death at a training camp in Narathiwat.

-The Nation

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