British backpacker in Thai hospital after falling from train

Daniel Clarke posted this picture on his Facebook page the day before he fell off a train in Thailand - Credit: Facebook
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A 20 year old man from Aldershot is in hospital in Thailand with head and leg injuries after he fell out of a moving train.

Daniel Clarke was found lying by the train track in Thung-Kha, Chumphon province, on Saturday.

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Days earlier he had posted a picture on Facebook, apparently hanging out of an open train door.

A spokesman for Thai Police said that Mr Clarke told police he stepped out to smoke between two carriages when he fell.

The Foreign Office said a Briton had been hospitalised in Thailand, and that they were supporting his family.

The Police spokesman said a friend of the backpacker told police it was an accident.

He’s quoted as saying: “We don’t believe there’s a foul play going on because his belongings remained intact.”


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