The power of social media saves 3-year-old Thai boy

3 years old boy beaten by stepfather in care after Thai social media outrage

The power of social media helped a three year 
old Thai boy who had been mercilessly beaten by his step father.

A member of the public had seen the boy in Samut Prakarn with his mother and had taken pictures that were shared by an enraged public. The pictures appeared on the fanpage Dr. K v.3.

Now the Paweena Hongsakul foundation has taken up the case. The step father who inflicted the wounds on three year old “Ort” is in custody.

Ort had multiple lacerations on his back and a bad cut to his face.

The mother, “who had said that she did not dare report the attacks on her son because she was concerned for her own safety“,  is a drug taker as well as the step father.

She has been admitted to rehab.

The little boy has been taken into care in Samut Prakarn after the case emerged in the Bang Sao Thong district of the province.


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