Rape confession recorded by victim’s father played in court

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When his daughter was brought to his doorstep in a daze and dressed in strange clothes, the man knew something was wrong. “I suspected she may (have been) drugged,” the father told the court. 

Two days after that that incident, he found what had happened was much worse: His daughter had been raped.

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The father, who cannot be named to protect the victim’s identity, took the stand on Friday (Mar 31), the second day of Ong Soon Heng’s trial for the rape of the girl, then a 22-year-old student. He is accused of abducting her from Zouk on Jul 24, 2014 and raping her while she was intoxicated and unconscious.

The father, the prosecution’s third witness, said he was concerned when he awoke to find his daughter had not returned home that night. Worried, he called her boyfriend.

The boyfriend told him he had been trying to reach her for hours, after she stopped responding to his text messages. Using the Find My iPhone app, he tracked his girlfriend down to Ong’s home in Hume Heights.

The woman was still passed out, but her boyfriend managed to put her in the car and take her home. After seeing her in a stupor, the father told his wife to take her to a hospital, while he went back to Hume Heights with his son and daughter’s boyfriend to confront Ong.


A recording of the trio’s exchange with Ong was played in court on Friday. Ong assured him nothing had happened and claimed he helped the victim change into a T-shirt and boxers because she had vomited on her clothing.

A hospital doctor advised the family to lodge a police report upon inspecting the girl.

The victim later slept for “hours and hours, almost a whole day”, the father said. “It made me even more convinced that something was wrong.”

That night, he called his daughter’s boss, a close friend of Ong’s and was told that Osh (Ong’s nickname) is a “playboy” and “has many girlfriends”.

The next day, Ong got in touch with the father and asked to meet. They met at a cafe where the father surreptitiously recorded the conversation. This time, Ong admitted he had sex with the woman 15 years his junior, but claimed it was consensual.

“I call it rape, he called it consensual sex … are you stupid enough to take the word of someone so drunk?” the father said.

In tears, he told the court: “I struggled … I (thought to myself), how do I go back (home) and tell my family?

“Finally, I went home, I gathered my family and I looked straight into my daughter’s eyes and I said ‘You have been raped.’
“I cried, (my daughter) cried, her brother broke down.

“Do you know how much hurt you caused all of us?” the father said, addressing Ong.

The months after were a “terrible” ordeal for his daughter. “There were nights … I found her sitting in bed staring into space … there were nights I found her crying.”

He said she had tried counselling, but eventually gave up because she could not bear to recount what had happened to counsellors.

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