Missing Thai wife and the US rapist

Picture: Thai Rath

Thai Rath reported that Nitaya Beetge – the wife of a South African man who had reported her missing – is alive and well.

They quoted the admin page of Mem Pho Dam that said that they had been in contact with Nitaya, 30, who denied being with Jackson Mathew Hall, 24, a convicted rapist wanted on sodomy charges of a 5 year old in Alabama.

They reported that she had been in contact with a family member and was safe. They said that she knew Hall but was not aware of his past.

She said that she was having personal problems and wanted to be alone.

Thaivisa understands from sources close to the matter that contrary to the Thai press reports Nitaya is believed to have been with Hall and they were possibly still together today.

Thai police in Chonburi were unable to find either Nitaya or Hall while following the lodging of a missing person’s report by estranged husband Darron Beetge, Muak Lek, Saraburi police had circulated pictures of his missing wife.

Report shared by Thai Rath & ThaiVisa

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