German tourist found dead on Pattaya Beach

The body of Thomas Haser was pulled from the sea at the weekend
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The German expat community in lost one of its members on Saturday afternoon. Thomas Haser, 54, died of a heart attack while swimming.

Pol Lt Gridmes Bunisawang, was notified of the incident at 15:30 by a witness named Somkid Puangmuli. “He said that he had found the body of a dead foreigner on the beach,” the investigator told reporters.

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Before arriving at the scene, police saw the man’s scooter, a red and black Honda Click, parked at the side of the beach.

“Inside the storage room under the seat, we found the man’s passport and other documents,” Pol Lt Gridmes said, identifying him as 54-year-old German named Thomas Haser.

The body itself lay spread-eagled on the sand. Bystanders told police that he was washed ashore by waves after being seen floating unconscious on the water. An emergency physician from the Hospital checked Mr Hase’s vital signs but could only pronounce him dead.

Somkid Puangmuli who called the police observed the entire incident. “The witness told us that Mr Haser arrived at the beach with his scooter, bought some bottles of beer at a bar and sunbathed on the beach,” Pol Lt Gridmes quoted the Mr Somkid.

At one point, the Mr Somkid continued, Mr Haser got up and rushed to the water, presumably to cool himself down. Shortly later, beachgoers saw the body of Mr Haser floating on the water with his face down. “He was brought to the beach but when rescue volunteers arrived, they felt no pulse,” Pol Lt Gridmes said. “He was dead.”

Based on his initial investigation, Pol Lt Gridmes thinks that Mr Haser died of a heart attack that was triggered by the unusual heat. On the day of Mr Haser’s death, the maximum temperature was 33.2˚C according to Thai Meteorological Department.

It is the third death of a foreigner thought to be caused by the heat wave currently sweeping through Thailand.

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