Russian teens hit by Pattaya bus can return home

The accident was not, at first, reported
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The two Russian teenagers left comatose after being run down by a bus in Pattaya have now been discharged from hospital.

Daniel (“Danila”) Mokshantsev, 16, and his 14-year-old sister Ekaterina (“Katia”) spent over a month in hospital after their motorcycle was slammed by a bus in Pattaya on Feb 23. According to police report, supported by a CCTV recording, the bus was running a red light.

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Both teenagers came out of their comas on Mar 13, and hopes for full recoveries were high, though much more treatment was obviously needed.

Danila was conscious and responding to stimuli, but struggling to move, while Katia was physically very strong and moving around, but was not able to respond to simple commands.

However, within two weeks their condition has improved enough for both to leave the hospital and return to their father’s house in Pattaya.

Masha Zhigunova, Regional Division Manager at Vejthani Hospital, on Monday (Mar 27) shared the most recent picture of Danila and Ekaterina leaving the hospital.

“Bye-bye, children! Finally u got well”, she said in a caption adding a smiling emoticon.

Answering the question of Facebook users two days later, Masha revealed more information about Daniel’s and Ekaterina’s condition.

“They are much better, both can talk. Katia nearly can walk on her own, while Danila still has to learn [to walk]. Now they need physiotherapy treatment and, of course, medical drugs for quite a while. But besides this everything is fine,” Masha said.

After the accident that left teenagers comatose, a fundraising campaign was launched on Thai crowd-sourcing website Weeboon. A total of B232,634 was raised by 166 persons in 28 days and on Tuesday this week (Mar 28) a Weeboon representative visited Vejthani Hospital to deliver the cheque to Daniel, Katia and their father.

“They have improved a lot and are able to keep recovering from their home in Pattaya,” Weebon announced, confirming the end of the campaign.

“As the hospital bills are pretty much covered by both the insurance and the donations, I won’t accept any more donations from now. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to the Weeboon community,” the final message on the fund-raising page said.

It is yet to be revealed if the driver of the bus that ran the kids down Feb 23 was found guilty and prosecuted.

-Phuket Gazette

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