Punishment awaits nurse-molesting doctor

The CCTV picture was widespread posted along with reports on nurse molestation by a doctor in Lampang province.

Authorities are considering punishment including disciplinary action against a male doctor who recently molested a female nurse at a hospital in Lampang province while on duty.

The Public Health Ministry already launched an investigation into the report on the molestation at Muang Pan Hospital in Muang Pan district on Feb 18 after the incident was posted and criticised in social media.

Such posts included what appeared to be a blurred picture captured from surveillance camera footage showing a tall person trying to push a smaller person wearing a nurse-like uniform.

Local police said that the nurse first complained about lewd behaviour. She later pressed detention charges as well since the incident allegedly happened in a room of the doctor on duty. Police noted that the nurse had scratches on her left elbow and left wrist and her upper lip was also injured.

The nurse was quoted as saying that her colleague captured her wrists, kissed her on the lips, grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipple. The doctor confessed to the offence, police said.

Reports said the nurse managed to escape when someone called the doctor for his service.

After the incident, public health authorities transferred the nurse to a hospital in Chiang Mai province as she requested because her family was there. The concerned doctor was moved to another hospital in Lampang.

-The Bangkok Post

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