Thai woman admits lying over rape claims

Malacca deputy police chief Ruslan Hasan said police picked up the 31-year-old suspect at the Malacca Immigration office here at 5.30pm yesterday.

A Thai woman who alleged that she was raped by a Malaysian Immigration officer in Malacca has told the Thai Embassy in Malaysia that the incident did not happen.

Thailand’s Foreign Ministry said the 32-year-old woman denied that the sexual assault had taken place.

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“The Royal Thai Embassy was informed by the woman that there was no sexual assault and no closed-door questioning in a separate room, as recorded in the report,” the ministry said in a statement.

Officers from the embassy visited the woman on Thursday.

The ministry also said that the woman and her three Thai friends had been transferred to a women’s shelter in Johor in accordance with an order issued by the court, under Malaysian human-trafficking laws.

The woman had claimed that an officer at the Machap Umboo Immigration depot raped her when he was recording her statement on March 9.

Following her accusation, which was reported by Malaysian media, Malacca police arrested the Immigration officer at his office last Friday.

The 31-year-old officer was remanded for three days.

— Bernama

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