Gang of foreign thieves brazenly stealing from victim in broad daylight

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CCTV footage captures the moment a gang of three foreigners are seen stealing the handbag of a woman in the food court believed to be at a popular Bangkok shopping mall.

The footage, which is from Saturday was shared to the YouLike Facebook page, shows three foreign men sat around table.

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One of the men can be seen trying to reach over to carefully grab the bag which is placed next to the victim before pulling his arm away quickly just moments before the trio are interrupted by a waitress.

Once the waitress has left, the man again slowly starts to make a move for the bag, while his two accomplices look around nervously but at the same time try to act calm by flicking through the pages of a menu.

Once the man grabs the handbag he passes to his accomplice who briefly looks through it before leaving the table with bag in hand before the other two men flee the scene.

Full story coming soon.


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