Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is a professional Muay Thai fighter

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One of Sports Illustrated’s latest swimsuit models already has an impressive resume including a stint as a commodities trader and a burgeoning career as a Muay Thai fighter.

Mia Kang, of Hong Kong, was a fresh face in February’s SI Swimsuit Issue after winning a search contest.

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And this is after only a bit more than one year in New York so far, during which time the 28-year-old has modeled and practiced Muay Thai.

Kang told the New York Post: ‘I’m a very lucky girl since I moved here and started at the top with Sports Illustrated.’

She added: ‘I’m here to win.’

Kang struggled with being overweight as a child before slimming down upon hitting puberty.

She then began modeling and performed in Paris and Milan before putting that part of her life on hold to pursue her education.

After graduating from the University of London with master’s degrees in finance and financial law, she became a commodities trader in Hong Kong.

But the wearer-of-many-hats decided, eventually, that it was time for a change.

Kang told Vogue: ‘I wanted to give modeling one last hurrah and thank goodness I did.’

But after a modeling stint in Hong Kong, Kang decided to take a 10-day break in Thailand, which turned into a six-month sojourn during which she discovered the joys of Muay Thai.

Of her stint on a training compound for the sport, she told Vogue: ‘It’s a major ego-check.

‘When you have your ass handed to you in front of a whole room of people and you’re able to get up and shake your opponent’s hand, that’s so good for the soul.’

After training in Muay Thai, Kang decided to leave Hong Kong for New York, Kang quickly landed the Sports Illustrated gig.

And the future looks bright for the thespian.

Kang’s first professional Muay Thai fight is to be held in Thailand in May, her third campaign with Guess is ongoing and she hopes to one day go back to school for a doctorate or MBA.

She told Vogue: ‘My education is the thing in my life that I’m proudest of.’

-Daily Mail

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