One dead after ‘police chase’ in Phuket

The pillion rider had a pack of Krathom on his person. Photo: Winai
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One man succumbed to his injuries after a Krathom-carrying duo’s ‘police chase’ went awry Friday afternoon near the entrance to Rassada Pier. Lt Col Santi Prakhobpran of Phuket City Police received a report at about 2.20pm.

“Witnesses told us that a pick-up truck was turning right when two motorcyclists attempted to pass across its front. They scratched past the truck, but lost control of their motorbike and ran into an electric pole,” said the Colonel.

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Sitthisak Khuekerd, 28, received minor injuries and was treated at the scene, while the other bike rider was seriously injured and taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“We found Krathom on Sitthisak’s person. He told us that they were riding fast because they saw police and thought they were being chased,” said Col Santi.

Col Santi took Sittisak to the police station for further investigation and confirmed that officers were not chasing the two, but were simply patrolling the area before the incident took place.

The deceased has not yet been named by the police.

-The Nation

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