Worrying move as Thai NCPO are now banning books

Spokesman of the National Council for Peace and Order Winthai Suvaree
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Spokesman of the National Council for Peace and Order Winthai Suvaree said on Saturday that intervention by security officers during a book launch by some Pheu Thai MPs was to prevent people from “getting confused”. 

The authorities also saw the launch activity as a violation of the NCPO’s order, hence they asked for “cooperation” from the MPs to not proceed with the book launch.

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On Saturday morning, security officers and police cut short the book launch at Suan Rot Fai Park, claiming it was a political event and that the book might contain issues that could instigate unrest.

The 434-page book was written by former agriculture minister’s assistant Yutthapong Jarassathian and other Pheu Thai MPs. They planned the launch at the park ahead of the upcoming national book fair.

The officers posted the NCPO ban on political gatherings as well as park regulations prohibiting political activities there. They also asked the MPs to cancel the book launch.

The writers said the book is about the benefits the farmers gained from the Yingluck Shinawatra government’s rice subsidy scheme.

Yutthapong said the book is also about the plight of Thai farmers after rice prices plummeted.

He said he wanted to sell the book and donate some of the proceeds to the farmers.

Yutthapong said he had no idea which parts of the book were political as alleged.

-The Nation

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