Thai adult star files complaint over ‘saucy soap’ comments

Image: Daily News
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Thai adult star Cherry Samkhok is fuming mad after someone  used her image to sell a brand of soap on Facebook.

But it was not just the fact that her picture was used to promote the product – there were obscene and suggestive comments that went with the advertisement, claimed the soft-core porn star.

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Yesterday Cherry – real name Ladapha Ratta-amornchot – was at tech police to register a complaint that her image had been used without her permission causing her good name to be sullied.

She said that she became aware of the Facebook page after being alerted in her “inbox”.

She said she never even used the soap in question and certainly was not endorsing it.

Daily News did not repeat the exact nature of the obscene comments.

Cherry apologized to the public after being charged with public obscenity following a dance performance at the Bangkok Motor Show this time last year.

Report shared by Daily News & Thai Visa

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