Indonesian maid gets 4 months jailterm for mistreating a boy in Singapore

An Indonesian maid who tried unsuccessfully to remove a medical suction cap that accidentally fell into the mouth of a bedstricken boy was sentenced to four months in prison on Thursday, according to Straits Times Online report.

Deputy public prosecutor Teo Lu Ji called for an 18-month jail term after the maid, Kusrini Caslan Arja, 37, pleaded guilty to mistreating the boy, saying the child was extremely vulnerable and could not seek help.

Kusrini tried for about eight minutes, inserting her right hand into the mouth of the four-year old to fish out the medical suction cap that had fallen in. She did not stop even his face turned purpose and when her hand was smeared with blood from his mouth.

But district judge Low Wee Ping said the prosecution’s sentencing proposal was manifestly excessive, adding that unlike those of other convicted foreign maids who had intentionally ill-treated children out of anger, Kusrini had not set out to harm the boy.

The judge further said the maid was not a trained nurse and she was trying to get the suction cap.


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