Man summoned for threatening ‘sidewalk invaders’ with knife in Saigon

Tran Tuan Huong uses a knife to threaten anyone who enters his sidewalk location on March 2 in this screenshot taken from the Tuoi Tre documentary. - Tuoi Tre
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A man has been summoned by Ho Chi Minh City police for threatening people with a knife along a section of the sidewalk he claimed to own.

Officers in Ward 12, District 10 summoned Tran Tuan Huong, 25, and Dang Tuan Minh, 28 to appear at the local police station on Monday evening.

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Minh makes a living selling drinks to people on the pavement in front of the 115 People’s Hospital, and Huong was hired to keep ‘outsiders’ from invading Minh’s ‘shop.’

A working session was convened following Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper’s recent documentary on the way streets across the southern city have been ‘traded’ between vendors, as well as safeguarded by thugs.

On March 2, Tuoi Tre reporters attempted to park their motorcycles on the section of pavement in front of the hospital.

Tran Tuan Huong is summoned to the police station in Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City on March 21, 2017. Photo: Tuoi Tre

The journalists were first approached by one man who threatened them despite the fact that they were not trying to sell anything.

Huong then arrrived and pulled out a knife.

“This space is not yours. Get out of here!” he shouted at them.

Initial investigations revealed that Huong had a criminal record that included petty theft and robbery, while Minh had previously been convicted of robbery and once sent to a reformatory for another offense.

Police officers are working with the two men to verify the information uncovered by Tuoi Tre newspaper, before submitting the case to higher authorities.

-Tuoi Tre News

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