Knife man in Hua Hin station rampage

A Thai man with mental health issues went on a rampage at Hua Hin railway station yesterday. And later it emerged that he had tried to board with the wrong ticket.

Railway police called the local police station for back-up around noon when the Bangkok to Surat Thani express was in the station on platform one.

There were reports that a man brandishing a knife had been seen. Police saw a man answering the description – he was dressed in a black shirt and grey shorts and had no shoes. He was holding a one foot long kitchen knife in his right hand.

Police tried to calm the situation as hundreds of passengers looked on with some leaving the station for their own safety, reported

The man was babbling incoherently. When negotiations failed a team of officers managed to get behind him and used a stick to bash the knife from his grasp. He then fled down the platform and managed to get on the roof of a train and was trying to get on the station room when he was finally apprehended.

He was a 46 year old man. He was taken away to the Hua Hin police station and was found to be in possession of a mental health card from a hospital. Police were trying to contact relatives.

The railway station master told reporters that the man had been milling around the station since the day before. He had bought a

ticket for Chumporn but when he tried to board the train inspectors found that it was the wrong one for that train so he was denied entry.

That was when he produced the knife from his possessions and the trouble began. No one was injured in the incident.

Report shared by Sanook & ThaiVisa

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