Cabby pulls gun out to intimidate passengers who claimed meter was fixed

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Cabby pulls Gun out to Intimidate Two Passengers Who claimed Meter was fixed

A cabby decided he didn’t like two passengers filming his meter, that they insisted was rising at an alarmingly quick rate, the two passengers who often take the same taxi ride home are never charged more than 100 baht, as you can see from the footage it’s already up to the 179 mark and rising quickly.

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As they pulled their phone out to record his meter, he decided to reach over to his glove compartment, turn the light on and remove his gun, at this point they stopped filming, paid the Gun Happy Cabby and disembarked from said taxi before things took a turn for the worse.

The incident took place not far from the Thanyaburi Hosptal in the Pathum Thani area yesterday evening.

The passengers have sent the video to Channel 3 but wish to remain anonymous for safety reason.