Video: Security guard beats woman colleague – but no man lifts a finger to help

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A video on Facebook has caused netizens to condemn a man who attacked a woman – and the other men who failed to help her.

All those involved are working in Sri Racha – reported that the incident revolves around a disagreement between security guards.

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But rather than take out his anger and frustration on the man involved the security guard in the video attacks his colleague’s girlfriend who also works there.

He strides up from behind and in a cowardly manner whacks her over the head. She tries her best to fight back but he kicks her and gives her an uppercut

Then he strides away – happy with his work.

Online commenters said not only was it disgusting that he had attacked a woman but it was equally disgraceful that none of the other men in the vicinity tried to help her.

The matter has now been reported to police and is being investigated.

Report shared by Sanook & ThaiVisa

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