Truck plunges over Hanoi bridge in failed attempt to avoid road crash

The heavy truck almost falls off the bridge. Photo courtesy of VTCNews
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Most of the container truck fell off the bridge and a rear wheel kept it from hitting the ground.

A container truck threw itself across a bridge barrier in Hanoi and almost crashed into the ground when it tried to avoid another collision on Saturday.

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The truck driver tried to avoid two vehicles that crashed on Thanh Tri Bridge at around 6 a.m. Saturday by making a sharp turn that went beyond the bridge, eyewitnesses said.

The truck was held back thanks to a rear wheel, while most of it was off the bridge. Its head was badly damaged.

All three drivers were injured. Traffic on the bridge was jammed for hours.

The unusual incident drew the attention of many bystanders and video footage used in this article was provided by Luong Huu Khanh.


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