Minivan crash in bangkok, many injured

Image: Thai Rath
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Thai Rath reported there were many passengers injured when a minivan overturned on the Viphawadee Rangsit Road at 10 am yesterday morning.

The incident happened when heavy rain hit the capital in a summer storm.

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The van was on its way from Imperial department store in Samrong to Rangsit when the driver lost control and it skidded off the road ending up overturned in the ditch.

The accident happed in the Si Kan area of Don Muang.

Thai Rath said there were many casualties without giving further details. All the injured were taken to a local hospital.

Only one minivan was involved, the picture in their story is a composite of images of the same vehicle.

Bangkok experienced heavy traffic as the storm hit the capital yesterday morning.

Report shared by Thai Rath & ThaiVisa

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