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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Video – Woman escapes terrifying kidnap ordeal

Video – Woman escapes terrifying kidnap ordeal

Kidnap victim jumps from a moving car to escape

Sergeant Bryan Shelton told AL.com that the victim was snatched from outside her apartment in Birmingham’s Avondale neighbourhood around 10.30pm on Tuesday (14 March). The suspect allegedly pointed a gun at her and demanded money, police said. When the victim said she did not have money, he forced her into her own vehicle.

“The victim stated the suspect drove to multiple unknown locations,” he said. “It is believed the suspect was using her card to get money.”

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Shelton said the suspect took the victim’s wallet and cell phone and forced her to move to the trunk of her black Nissan Altima. He drove the victim to a Gas Land gas station around 11.40pm, then entered the gas station and attempted to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Recognize this man? Person of interest in recent Robbery/Kidnapping. If so please contact @BhamPolice or @CSMetroAL

Gas Land owner Yosef Alsabah said he became suspicious when the suspect became frustrated while trying to withdrawing cash. Alsabah said the suspect asked for help and tried to withdraw more money than was in the account.

“He was not right … there was something going on with him,” the gas station owner said. “He looked like he had a pistol in his pocket — I kept an eye on him.” Alsabah said he told the suspect to come back later and try again with the ATM.

As the suspect started to drive off, Alsabah saw the vehicle’s trunk open and the victim jump out. “I got her inside and locked the door, then called the police,” Alsabah said. He said the victim used his phone to call her family and police arrived soon afterwards. She was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises.

Police have yet to capture the suspect. Birmingham Police have released a photo of him on Twitter and asked the public for any information. The victim’s vehicle was found by police a few miles from the gas station the following morning, the Washington Post reports.