Man says he was attacked by bouncers at Pattaya disco

Deepak Kumar Tiwari, 30, shows a medical bill he sought treatment after being assaulted by bouncers in Pattaya on Thursday. (Photo by Trinai Jansrichol)

A Thai-Indian man alleges the bouncers at a discotheque on popular Walking Street in Pattaya assaulted and threatened to shoot him when he visited the venue and took photos, which angered the Indian operator.

Deepak Kumar Tiwari, 30, filed a complaint with Pattaya police on Thursday night. He had bruises on his face and body.

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He told police the attack occurred around 2am on Thursday at a discotheque on Walking Street, South Pattaya. While inside he used his smartphone to take photos.

(Photo by Trinai Jansrichol)

Shortly after, some bouncers came up to his table and took him to meet the Indian owner. The man asked who he worked for and why he was at the disco.

Mr Tiwari said he replied he was not hired by anyone to take photos. He was there for the entertainment. While he was still with the Indian owner one of the bouncers, claiming to be a soldier, pointed a pistol at him and threatened to shoot him and dump his body in the sea, Mr Tiwari said.

That man and other bouncers then assaulted him and dragged him to outside. Police arrived and the bouncers told them he had caused trouble inside the disco. The police did not ask him any questions, just said he was at fault and made him wait in the area for more than an hour. When he asked for a drink of water, they refused, according to Mr Tiwari.

They later took him to Pattaya police station, with some bouncers following, said Mr Tiwari. The bouncers sat beside him at the station. When the police officer who had questioned him left the room one of the bouncers pointed his fingers at him, like a gun.

The victim said he was alone at the time and dared not say anything.

He sought treatment at a hospital and returned to Pattaya police station later on Thursday to seek justice.

The duty-officer said he would report the incident to his superior and would call in the discotheque owner and those involved for questioning.

-The Bangkok Post