Trio missing after drinking session near Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Man rescued near Jumbo Floating Restaurant says he and trio of friends fell off Ap Lei Chau Bridge after drinking session

Hong Kong: A rescue mission was launched at the Aberdeen waterfront early Thursday morning after a 23-year-old man pulled out of the water reported that three of his friends were still missing.

A 61-year-old security guard called police at 2am after spotting the victim near the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, an iconic tourist attraction.

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The man, who was conscious after being rescued, told firefighters and police officers that he had fallen into the water with his friends after getting drunk.

It is understood that the tipsy man had plunged from the Ap Lei Chau Bridge and swum near the restaurant to look for help.

He told rescuers that he had been drinking with three friends, whom he believed to have also fallen into the water and were still missing.

Divers and the government flying service called off their rescue mission at 7am after several hours of fruitless searching.

The man was sent to Queen Mary Hospital for examination.