Three arrested for robbing German tourist in Phuket

All three were charged with theft. Photo: Patong Police

PHUKET: Three men were arrested this morning for stealing a German tourist’s bag containing a wallet, a cell phone and a hotel key card, at Loma Park in Patong yesterday.

The victim, Herter Ekika, was relaxing at the beach when a Thai man came up to her and started talking.

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“The first suspect, Nattawat Sengpatom, engaged Ms Ekika in conversation, while the other two, Teerasak Seelapsee and Chachawal Promli, stole her bag that was lying nearby,” Lt Col Somsak Thongkleang of Patong Police told the Phuket Gazette.

“The men took off, but a nearby local saw the whole thing happen and came to Ms Ekika’s help. She then filed a complaint at Patong Police Station,” he added.

Police tracked down all three suspects and charged them with theft. They also recovered Ms Ekika’s belongings and returned them to her.

-Phuket Gazette