Irish tourist found murdered in Goa

Ms McLaughlin is believed to have lived in Liverpool

Indian police have launched a murder investigation after a 28-year-old Irish woman was found dead in the popular tourist state of Goa.

Her body was discovered in a field, and an autopsy is being conducted to ascertain whether she was sexually assaulted, Deputy Superintendent of Goan police Sammy Tavares told media yesterday.

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“Her body was found in a naked state. A case has been filed under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (murder),” he said.

Update – Police say a man has confessed to murdering 28-year-old Danielle McLaughlin

Several foreigners have died in Goa over the past decade or so, including 15-year-old British schoolgirl Scarlett Keeling, whose bruised and semi-naked body was found in shallow water on a beach in 2008.

15-year-old Scarlet Keeling was murdered in 2008

The deaths – many under suspicious circumstances, or from drug or alcohol abuse – have blighted the state’s reputation as a tourist haven.

Ireland said the woman found on Tuesday also held a British passport.

“It has been confirmed that the woman traveled to India using a British passport, so the local British consulate have the lead responsibility in terms of dealings with the Indian authorities,” the Irish foreign ministry said.

Last September, two Indian men were cleared of the rape and murder of Keeling, whose death became international news, shining a spotlight on the seedy side of the resort popular with Westerners, and drawing attention to India’s sluggish justice system.