British snowflake missing in Thailand calls home

Shane is now safely back home

The family of Shane Evans who was missing in Thailand for six days is overwhelmed with relief as he has been found alive.

The 28-year-old’s mother Wendy Evans said they had been “through hell” since her son sent a message saying “I’m sorry” before disappearing in the Far Eastern country.

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And the family is relieved it will not be realising their worst fears after the family made contact with Shane who will soon be flying home.

Gloucestershire police had been working with the international police organisation Interpol to find Gloucester-born Shane who had been travelling around New Zealand since October.

But after tracing his phone they found he had gone to Thailand without telling anybody after he split up his girlfriend.

Wendy, from Linden, said Shane was “not doing very well” but it was “fantastic news” he was coming back.

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“We got in touch this morning. It’s such a relief,” she said. I am absolutely exhausted. It has been hell for all of us.

“He will be coming back soon. He will need a few days on his own when he gets back so we don’t want people bothering him, but we’re so pleased.

“We’ve told the police we’ve found him.”

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  • Jonny

    Great, now send the bill for any and all efforts to locate him to the family.