Saigon City to publicise pollution data


Vietnam’s Saigon City will publish air and water quality indexes on 48 electronic screens across the city, starting later this month, according to the municipal Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

To be released on a monthly basis, they will also be available on the websites of the department and its Environmental Protection Agency and Center for Environmental Monitoring and Analysis, Vietnam News Agency reported Tuesday.

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The indexes will include concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon dioxide (CO), sulphur dioxide (SO2), and dust. The water quality indexes will include acidity (pH), dissolved oxygen (DO), chemical oxygen demand (COD), and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

The data for the indexes will be collected by 16 automatic monitoring stations to be set up at industrial parks, export processing zones and other places around the city.

Main causes of poor-quality air in the city are vehicle exhaust, burning of waste, construction, and industrial production.