Video: Young Thais step in to help foreigner after theft of phone by ladyboy

Picture: Thairath
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A video is doing the rounds of social media that shows a young Thai man and his friends helping out a foreigner who has had his phone and some money stolen by a ladyboy.

Thought the origin and cause of the theft are unknown the video shows the foreign man looking forlorn and perhaps the worse for a beverage Thai Rath reported.

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The group of Thai youngsters came across him in distress and decided to help out.

Most of the conversation centers around one man reasoning with the lady boy in the car that it is bad to steal from tourists. They are here on holiday – they have families too. It’s not right.

He tries to persuade the lady boy to return the phone initially in exchange for 1,000 baht. The poster of the clip, a 16 year old called Jakrapong told Thai Rath later that the ladyboy returned the phone to the tourist.

Thais online praised the group of guys for stepping in to help the tourist in distress.

Report shared by Thai Rath & Thai Visa

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