Husband slashes wrists after argument with wife

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A husband in Ayutthaya took an electric knife sharpening tool to his own wrists after his wife and child left him.

Forty two year old Sanga Chumjai was found dead on Sunday in a pool of blood in accommodation at the temple of Wat Ban Pat in Bang Sai where he worked, Daily News reported.

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Near the body they found the electric knife sharpening tool also covered in blood.

Sanga’s wife Patchara, 39, said that on Saturday the couple had argued after she refused to give him money to go and buy alcohol.

A fight broke out and gave her two black eyes and she had left with their 14 year old child.

She went to stay with her father you lives nearby. Sanga came over to try and patch things up, she said, but she refused to go home. He wailed that he had no one to make his dinner, she said.

When she went back next morning to check up on him she found him dead.

Bang Sai police believe he killed himself with the electric tool because his wife took their child and refused to get back together.

Report shard by Daily News & ThaiVisa

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