Suvarnabhumi Airport deny allegations of stolen belongings of passengers

Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport - Reuters

The Immigration Bureau and Suvarnabhumi Airport have confirmed that the airport has a high security system, following the allegations in social media that an airport officer stole belongings of passengers.

Commander of the Immigration Bureau Pol.Lt.Gen. Natthon Phrosunthon said the bureau and the airport had already taken care of the passengers whose bags had been opened.

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The passengers had made reports with the Suvarnabhumi Airport Police Station but had not filed complaints since no valuable items had been lost, said the commander.

Pol.Lt.Gen. Natthon explained that the airport officers might open the bags for security reasons and ensured passengers of security of the airport. As for the high volume of departure passenger traffic, the airport worked with all relevant units to manage the passengers systematically and efficiently, said the commander.

He added that the airport was flooded with passengers only in the morning.