Vietnamese family allegedly poisoned after dog poop dispute with neighbor

An entire family of six under treatment in a hospital for poisoning. Photo by VnExpress

The neighbor allegedly sprayed pesticide over the family’s vegetables garden in what appeared to be a revenge plot.

An entire family of six in northern Vietnam has been hospitalized after eating home-grown vegetables believed to have been tainted with a poisonous weed-killer.

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The family from An Duong, a farming district in the northern port city of Hai Phong, reportedly picked lettuce from their garden for a meal on Tuesday. They were rushed to hospital soon later with poisoning symptoms, police said.

Police said a neighbor, 61-year-old Do Danh Bien, confessed that he had sprayed a weed-killer on the family’s vegetables on Monday.

Police believed that the crime could stem from an ongoing dispute between him and the family over dog droppings.

They are investigating the case. The family are recovering.