Russian tourist impaled on spike in Pattaya

Picture: Daily News

The hazards of a trip to Pattaya were emphasized on Tuesday when a Russian tourist got impaled on a spike when out for an evening stroll.

Tatiana Kusina, 33, was out walking in Soi 10 near the beach at Jomtien when a metal spike speared her foot, Daily News reported.

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It happened at a vacant plot of land where the owner had put the spikes in concrete to stop parking.

Medics were called who found Tatania screaming in agony. The metal had entered her foot between the little toe and the next toe on her right foot.

A cutting tool was used to free her before she was taken to Pattaya Memorial to have surgeons finish the job.

Locals told Daily News that they had seen the tourist out for a walk in the area when the accident occurred.

Report shared by Daily News & ThaiVisa

  • Buster

    Many Russians are ‘clumsy’ and they are not used to wearing flip-flops.

  • amazingthailand

    the landlord probably didnt expose a warning. in homeland he would be sued for imprudence

    • Buster

      May have had a warning in the Thai script…


      Don’t see a legal requirement to have any warning in Russian, English or other language. It is Thailand. Anyway when in Pattaya always look forward, backward, left, right, up and down.