Video: Handbags at dawn – Chiang Mai road rage ends in a handshake!

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CHIANG MAI: — A Chiang Mai road rage incident that might have turned nasty ended in a handshake after a few fists were thrown.

A red song thaew driver got the hump after a man in an apron hooted him for getting too close, Thairath reported.

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The driver of the public bus chased him through the narrow streets of Chiang Mai until the pair had an argument caught on the other driver’s dash cam.

The bus driver thought the beeping was rude.

Another man does his best to keep them apart but eventually a few fists are thrown.

But while guns or knives have been the preferred means of mediation in several road rage incidents recently this one is quickly settled in an amicable Thai handshake.

Thai Rath reported that the incident was yet to reach the office of the Land Transport Department that has responsibility for the red buses in the city.

The handbags at dawn was actually Monday evening in the northern Thai city.

Report shared by Thairath & ThaiVisa

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