Canberra court bans ‘coke heads’ from drugs and each other for importing Thai cocaine

Paul McCauley (left) and Christopher Johnston (right) imported a marketable quantity of cocaine in 2014. (ABC News)
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Two Canberra men have avoided a prison sentence after being found guilty of importing cocaine from Thailand to the home of one their grandmothers.

The ACT Supreme Court has instead imposed intensive corrections orders of more than three years for both Paul McCauley, 24, and Christopher Johnston, 26.

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The pair were caught in 2014 after a package containing nearly 50 grams of cocaine was intercepted by police.

It had been posted to McCauley’s grandmother’s home, where police pounced when he came to pick it up.

McCauley and Johnston maintained it was only for personal use, with Johnston’s lawyer, during the trial, going as far as to described them both as ‘coke heads’.

Today Justice Hilary Penfold accepted the pair’s prospects for rehabilitation were good.

She found it was a low-level offence, although noted neither man showed much remorse for the crime, only for getting caught.

Both men will need to live under strict conditions imposed by the court for three years, including not reoffending or associating with each other.

They could also face severe punishment if they take drugs and will be forced to undergo drug testing.

If either fail to meet the conditions, they would likely be jailed for the three years instead, Justice Penfold warned.


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