Hotel lift fails in Pattaya, falls 7 floors

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Nine district officials at a seminar in the Pattaya Center Hotel on Soi 12, Beach Road, plunged from the seventh floor to the first floor as an elevator fell down the shaft.

Then to add insult to serious injury the hotel staff refused to help saying they had to wait for the insurance company to arrive.

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After the district chiefs mounted their own rescue efforts and help arrived the hotel finally took some responsibility for the accident.

They face prosecution for negligence but can only be fined 10,000 baht.

There were ten people in the lift that went from the second floor to the seventh where the guests were staying. As one man was getting out the lift suddenly fell.

Somjai Thee-oat, 50, from Phitsanuloke said he was lucky to still be alive. His clothing was ripped as he managed to scramble to safety. But nine others plunged down in the lift.

They were taken to hospital where one was in a serious condition. The accident happened on Monday evening when 128 local officials from all over Thailand were staying in the central Pattaya hotel.

They were not named in the Thai Rath report and the condition of the injured was not reported.

Tanakrit Akaradechkunchorn, 51, an official from Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, said that he was waiting to board another lift. He said he did not hear any warning sound that his colleagues’ lift was overloaded.

He said that the hotel were reluctant to help at all. Only when inspectors arrived did they decide to pay the bills of those injured.

Police are investigating and are looking at the lift maintenance records ahead of possible charges for negligence.

But they said that the law only allows for a fine of 10,000 baht.

Report shared by Thairat & ThaiVisa

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